Self-Assessment Quiz

Drug Free Kids Canada Quiz

This quiz is an anonymous self-assessment for parents that is designed to bring attention to some mistaken beliefs about prescription drug and substance use that could negatively affect their children’s wellbeing and support the educational information it provides by affirming positive actions.


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I think it's OK to borrow prescription drugs from another adult family member, as long as I am careful.

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I routinely check the quantities of medications my household currently uses.

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I take care to safely dispose of medications if expired or no longer needed.

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My kids know how I feel about misuse of prescription drugs because I talk to them about it.

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It's important to keep medications secure, but only when my kids are too young to understand what they are.

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I'm sure none of my kids or their friends would ever steal any of my prescription drugs.

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I think prescription medications aren't as dangerous if misused as illegal drugs.

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I would notice if some of the prescription or over-the-counter drugs went missing in my home.

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I believe most kids looking for ways to get high are looking for illegal street drugs.

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My kids get information about misuse of drugs at school; that's all they need to know.

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I did some crazy things when I was young, so I avoid talking to my kids about drug abuse.

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If I suspected my kids' friends of misusing drugs, I would just demand they get new friends.

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I'm sure kids are going to try things they shouldn't, especially in high school or college, but there's nothing I can do to stop it.