Talking with your teen about cannabis may seem hard, but what you say does have an impact.

The Practice Kids campaign may be over, but the conversation needs to continue.

Test Run the Cannabis Talk

There’s no one right way to have the cannabis talk.
Practice your approach here and prepare for every reaction before talking to your teen.


Facebook Live: Ask a Practice Kid

Check out past Facebook Live sessions with the Practice Kids. Real teens suggest ways for you to practice your approach and prepare for the cannabis talk.



Teens Tell You What To Say

Talking to kids about pot is tough.
But our kids can help prepare you for some of the arguments your teen is likely to make

Teen answer – Again? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to talk about pot more than once. Here’s how to avoid sounding like a broken record to your teen.
Teen answer – Complete silence So, you try talking to your teen about pot, but they respond with silence. What do you do? Here are a few tips.
Teen answer – I hardly ever do it Whether your teen smokes pot often, occasionally or never, it’s still a good idea to talk about it.
Teen answer – It’s better than drinking Lots of kids assume weed is better than alcohol. It’s worth having a conversation about it. Here are some tips to help you prepare.


More about kids and cannabis

Want more practical tools and tips for talking to your teen about pot? Download the complete Cannabis Talk Kit.

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