Donors like You

We’re creating a movement to inspire and support parents to prevent drug abuse by youth.

Donors like you help DFK make a difference!  

DFK receives no government funding – we rely completely on corporate philanthropy and contributions from people like you.

Help prevent youth substance use and addiction in Canada.

Join us!  Your contribution to Drug Free Kids Canada helps us raise public awareness, educate parents and encourage families to start an ongoing conversation with their kids about drugs today.

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We thank each and every one of the individuals who has contributed to DFK’s commitment to ensure that all young people will be able to live their lives free of drug or alcohol abuse.

Individual donors:

Donations: to $999

  1. KidKiddos Books Ltd, North York
  2. J. Payette, Ottawa
  3. J. Matar, Montreal
  4. Metropolitan Montreal Chamber of Commerce, Montreal
  5. United Way of Ottawa, Ottawa
  6. Wilson’s Valu-Mart, North York
  7. J. Rivard, Montreal
  8. J. Champagne
  9. Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School, Vulcan
  10. J. Gill, Markham
  11. E.  Opheim, Saskatoon
  12. C. Fortin, Verdun
  13. C. Paquin, Longueuil
  14. D. Deschênes, Longueuil
  15. D. Rodier, St-Julie

Donations:  $1,000 – $4,999

  1. R. Lavoie, Montreal
  2. L. Béliveau, Montreal
  3. M. Paris, Toronto
  4. J. McCoubrey, Milton
  5. Mount Royal Club, Montreal
  6. R. Padulo, Etobicoke
  7. L. Caron, Mont-Royal
  8. L. Baker, Montreal
  9. E. Davis, Outremont

Donations: $5000 – $19,000

  1. F. Desmarais, Montreal
  2. P. Doucet, Montreal
  3. IBM Employees Charity Fund, Montreal
  4. L. Dutil & D. Berthiaume, Longueuil

Donations: $20,000 +

  1.  L. Mierins-Smith, Montreal
  2.  P. & R. Allison, North York
  3. C. & C. Forster